Forest Biometrics


Forest Biometrics and Forest Inventory
FORSight Resources maintains a staff of biometricians with extensive academic and practical experience with growth and yield model development and implementation, inventory design and harvest scheduling. Our experience in quantitative analysis, together with on-the-ground forest management and software development helps insure our capacity to do quality technical work while applying “common sense” techniques.

Forest Biometrics
FORSight Resources’s biometrics services focus on three areas: development of yield tables in support of harvest scheduling/forest planning projects for clients, development and implementation of growth functions for inventory updates, and silvicultural evaluation projects. Generally, we take advantage of the latest modeling technologies available, through public-domain initiatives (the USDA Forest Service FVS models), research co-operatives (FASTLob and others) and in-house proprietary models.

Our regional experience spans North America, ranging from the U.S. South and the Appalachian Mountains, across the Mississippi Valley and out to the U.S. and Canadian Pacific Northwest. FORSight is a member of several growth and yield co-operatives, availing ourselves of the latest growth modeling technology offered by them. In addition, using published and internal research we have implemented proprietary growth and yield models for species that have not garnered much attention. Among others, our services include:

  • silvicultural evaluation
  • growth and yield projections for forest planning models
  • model validation
  • literature review of available growth and yield technology

Forest Inventory and Mensuration
The results of any analysis are only as good as the underlying data, and forest managers in particular face a great challenge in acquiring the basic information needed to drive management decisions. Our specialists can help you select the most cost-effective inventory design for collecting this information, whether it is for a quick timberland acquisition cruise or for the implementation of a company-wide forest inventory management system. Our service offerings include:

  • inventory design
    • double sampling
    • multi-stage sampling
  • model development
    • advanced taper functions for improved merchandising
  • integration with growth and yield and forest planning
    • implementation of growth equations
  • general statistical analysis