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About Our Company
FORSight Resources, LLC, is the expert forestry consulting firm that managers and executives turn to when facing critical natural resource decisions. Blending decades of forestry and GIS experience with a distinguished record of academic accomplishments, we utilize the most appropriate methodologies and technology to assist clients in meeting their objectives efficiently and effectively.

FORSight is led by a seasoned management team with a wealth of experience. Our technical specialists have developed deep subject matter expertise through significant investments in education, continuous learning, and constant utilization of their skill sets on client projects.

Although the company was formed in 2004, all of the principals were former employees of the Forest Technology Group (FTG), a forestry consulting firm based in Charleston, SC, and most have worked together for well over 5 years. In early 2004, when FTG reorganized to concentrate solely on web-based forest information systems, a group of the former employees from the Consulting Services group decided to continue offering consulting services in a new private venture.

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FORSight Resources, LLC is based in Summerville, SC.

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FORSight Resources, LLC
606 Old Trolley Rd, Suite 101
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