FORSight Resources LLC


Who We Are

FORSight Resources, LLC

, is an expert high tech

forestry consulting

firm providing decision-support services to managers and executives facing critical natural resource decisions in timberland acquisition and ongoing forest management.

What We Do
We assist clients in meeting their management objectives efficiently and effectively, be they financial, ecological or some combination of both. We have four business lines: forestry economics (

timberland acquisition

and divestiture due diligence, woodbasket studies, cost-benefit analyses),

harvest scheduling

and comprehensive forest management planning (strategic, tactical, and spatial forest planning),

forest inventory


forest biometrics

(inventory design and timber cruise workup, growth & yield model development and use, silvicultural decision support and evaluation), and

forestry GIS

and GPS (database design and management, forestry data auditing, remote data collection systems design). Through these forestry consulting business lines, we help our clients to:

  • Quickly develop a fair price for a timberland acquisition
  • Conduct post-acquisition due diligence to ensure that the acquired timberland inventory matches the inventory specified in the sales prospectus
  • Integrate inventory data from a timberland acquisition into an existing inventory database system
  • Design a cost-effective inventory for new or existing tracts of forest land
  • Develop a forest management and inventory database system
  • Conduct data audits to screen and clean dubious inventory data
  • Decide on appropriate growth and yield models for updating inventory and for harvest scheduling
  • Develop a forest management schedule as the basis for an ongoing management plan
  • Estimate demand for sawtimber and pulpwood in a regional woodbasket study

In short, we help our clients make better, and better-informed, decisions.

Who We Serve

Our clients are managers of forested lands, drawn from the public, private and non-government/non-profit sectors. FORSight serves the following market sectors:

TIMO (Timber Investment Management Organizations)
REIT (Real Estate Investment Trusts)
IFPC (Integrated Forest Products Companies)
GOVT (Government agencies; state & federal)
NIPF (Non-Industrial Private Forest Interests)
NGO (Non-Government Organizations)

What People Say About Us
"It takes very well trained people to prepare a harvest schedule or plan. From personal experience, I can say that Remsoft also offers excellent training programs and support for its products. Some companies and TIMOs have trained people and do their own plans. Others use forest consultants that have experienced harvest scheduling people on their staff. One company, FORSight Resources, actually specializes in harvest scheduling and has several world-class authorities on the subject."

Brian Fiacco
The Timberland Blog

"Timberland Investment Resources has engaged FORSight Resources routinely for several years and we consider them as one of our preferred vendors. The professionals of FORSight Resources may be counted on to to deliver high quality work in a timely manner. They are a creative group and work to understand a client's needs."

Christopher M. Elwell
Appalachian Region Forester
Timberland Investment Resources

"FORSight Resources played an important supporting role in the successful purchase of the North Cascades Tree Farm. They anticipated our needs and completed a very thorough analysis with extremely quick turnaround on this time-sensitive project."

Reid Carter
Managing Partner
Brookfield Asset Management

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